New Features in “Topographic”

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New Features in “Topographic”

The Module ‘Ktimatologio’ at Tekton & Fespa
for the electronic submission of diagrams in the Greek Land Register

The module “Ktimatologio” is an extension of the capabilities of the “Topographic” entity by restructuring the existing parameters and adding new parameters and commands so that the scholar can better elaborate his topographic diagram according to the requirements of the Hellenic Land Register.

In addition, the module includes an extension of the menu CAD with a new special procedure of converting the * tek file into a * .dxf file with the required layers and an integrated process of checks during the conversion process to ensure the acceptance of the generated file by the electronic platform of Greek Land Register.

"Point" & "Polyline", sub-entities of "Topographic"

Topographic entity consists of the active sub-entities “Point” and “Polyline”, interconnected, which are used to import, edit and design all the geometric elements of a topographic diagram.

In these two sub-entities, the layers are assigned. Both “Point” and “Polyline” through the “Comment” parameter can be accompanied by text automatically attributed to the same layer, and so covering the needs created by Greek Land Register specifications.

Changes & additions to parameters & commands of "Topographic"

The changes in the topographical parameters are summarized in:

Additionally, there have been changes, additions and improvements to the topographic toolkit:

Renaming the “Define polygon” command to “Polygon / Polyline Determination” with which now you can draw open polyline.

The following eight new commands have been added: