Digital signature

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Digital signature

Digital signature is an algorithm system and is used to validate the validity and uniqueness of a document, replacing the conventional way of handwriting signature.

The use of digital signatures has been institutionalized both at European level and in our country and is the basic mechanism for the electronisation of transactions.

An authorized digital signature is required to use the private key, which is stored in the SAID (Signature Creation Safeguard). The use of the electronic key excludes any case of impersonation and falsification of the document.

Benefits of Digital Signature

  • Uniqueness of signing. This ensures that the signature is always the same, as opposed to the handwritten signature, which at times can have some slight deviations.

  • Certification of signatory identity. Digital signatures are a secure way of certifying the signer's identity, as the key is completely personalized.

  • Protection against data alterations. By using the digital signature, it is not possible to add or alter the signed documents, as in the process of verifying the signature of the signatory, even the smallest modification is detected.

Applications of digital signature

Digital signature has many applications to professionals

  • Signing emails so that the recipient can be sure they are communicating with that person

  • Electronic invoicing of invoices in electronic invoicing systems

  • Participation in contests for public procurements and supply contracts

Application of digital signature to engineers

As early as July 16, 2018, a decision was published in Government Gazette 2216 / Β ‘/ 14-6-2018, the use of the electronic signature of the topographic diagrams sent to the Hellenic Land Register database has been activated.

Consequently, for the submission of the topographic diagrams, each engineer must have a digital signature.

Also according to the decision “Electronic submission, control and issuance of administrative acts under Article 29 of Law 4491/2017 and definition of electronic services”, each engineer in order to use the electronic e-Licensing system should have a digital signature.

So, issuance of electronic signature for engineers is essential.