About Us

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ERGO design was founded in Thessaloniki at 1994 and its rapid activity growth has been impressive. The company holds a leading position in the sector of civil engineers’ support and its main goal is to develop and adopt up to date technologies in the technical field.

More specifically, it is a design, development, and software service provision company that offers integrated solutions with a combination of products and services of high technology in the following fields:

  • Technical Information Systems

  • Design of Industrial Projects

  • Design of Structural Projects

  • Presentation and Supervision of Structural Projects

  • Projects Administration & Management

  • Educational Seminars

The company’s presence in the technical area is dynamic and the clients’ network is rapidly increasing. Moreover, ERGO design aims at the assurance of high level knowledge and staff specialization in the field of Information technology, and generally to technical science.

To sum up, ERGO design is closely connected to current progress and its main objective is the non-stop software and services update, in order to guarantee their top quality. For the successful satisfaction of the particular goal, the company has already been certified for the quality of all services provided with the ISO9001:2000.

Additionally, the company has a dynamic attendance in the field of structural constructions with projects that exceed 100.000sq.m. and ensures the aesthetic quality as well as building security.